Alexey Kuznetsov

Senior Front-End Developer
Date of birth
Front-End - Vue.js, Vuex, Nuxt, Typescript, Vuetify
Back-End - Nest.js, TypeORM, Node, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB
Services - Unix, Nginx, Git, WebPack, Cordova

Skills explanation

Vue.js, Vuex, Nuxt, Vuetify - 5 years
TypeScript, Nest.js, TypeORM - 3 years
JavaScript, Unix, PHP, MySQL - 15 years
Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia, Mathematics & Mechanics faculty
Postgraduate (2005-2009) - Department of Steklov Mathematical Institute RAS, laboratory of geometry. Working in the area of hyperbolic spaces and dimensional theory. Passed exams but left without achieving a PhD.
Graduate (2000-2005) - Qualified as a mathematician, studying in the laboratory of geometry.
Physical & mathematical school №239 (1996 - 2000), Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Eylean / TeamHood - Senior Front-End Developer (Feb. 2020 to date, Vilnius, LT)

We are creating agile project management software (, My part is the front-end based on vue/vuex/vuetify/typescript/openapi.

Raganeta / Upwork - Front-End / Full Stack (Aug. 2008 to date, Vilnius, LT)

Raganeta is my private company in Lithuania that holds my own, cooperate projects and freelance activity. Usually I work as a freelancer for 10-15 hours a week. Some projects are:

  • (Sep. 2021 to date) - messaging app, refactoring, performance optimizations, vue.js.
  • (Aug. 2021 - Sep. 2021) - competition engine for badminton-like sports (trees, tables, points, ratings, clubs), vue/vuetify/nest.js/openapi.
  • (Sep. 2019 - Aug. 2020) - agronomy irrigation management, leaflet/vue/vuetify.
  • (Aug. 2019 - Jul. 2020) - genetic tests, chartjs/node/nuxt/vuetify.
  • labori (Sep. 2019 - Apr. 2020, own) - cordova/vue/vuetify/pwa app for season job ads.
  • (Sep. 2019 - Dec. 2019) - education management: students, work plans, etc, laravel/vue/bootstrap.
  • (Nov. 2018) - nuxt/vuetify/node/sequelize.
  • (Apr. 2018 - Aug. 2018) - appointment management, nuxt/vuetify.
  • (Jan. 2018) - schedule, vue/bootstrap.
  • (Feb. 2018) - management tool, node/mongo/sequelize/react.
  • (Nov. 2016 - May 2017) - communication and management platform for kindergarten and primary school, html/cordova, php/mysql/knockout/bootstrap.
  • (May. 2015 - Nov 2015) - huge classified ads website, mysql/php/knockout.js.
  • (May 2014) - Sound making studio in Russia.
  • (Nov. 2014 - Nov 2015) - classified ads for the primary press published in Tajikistan, mysql/knockout.js/sms providers/replication/cdns.
  • (Nov. 2010 - Nov. 2012) - website for the largest russian weekly newspaper in Lithuania.
StarBright School - Front-End developer (Sep. 2017 - Aug. 2021, San Jose, USA, remote) school management platform front-end development based on vue/vuex/vuetify/nuxt. It's a huge and comprehensive system with dozens of features that goals to cover all primary school needs. Some of them are: individual student schedule with full history, accounting (billing periods, discounts, multi charges, quick books sync, etc), drop off/pick up (+ mobile application), staff schedules, work shifts, clock-ins, sign-outs, the health module (immunizations, documents, medical services), communications (multi-channel, gmail addon, mailing lists, sms, alerts), reports (everything in different combinations in pdf printable format), charts, stats, tags, file storage, form constructor (like jotforms, but fully integrated into the StarBright ecosystem). The entire front-end created by me.

Other companies / Old stuff

Lithuania (EU)
Vilnius, Lithuania