Alexey Kuznetsov

Senior Front-End Developer
Date of birth
Front-End - Vue.js, Vuex, Vuetify, Nuxt, Typescript;
Back-End - Nest.js, TypeORM, Node, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB;
Services - Unix, NGINX, Git, WebPack, Cordova;
Skills expl.
I work in web development since 2003. There're many technologies passed by. I mentioned only those skills I would like to work with. For example, before the Vue.js I've been working with React/Redux/MobX for 2 years, Meteor, Cesium, ROR, Perl (1 year for each on different projects). I was one of the strongest Knockout.js developers (made plugins and contributions). I'm strong with Bootstrap, Google Maps, and Leaflet (about 3-8 years of experience). But now my favorite front-end technology is Vue.js + Vuetify framework. This time using Typescript at the Back-End + Typescript at the Front-End seems looks like a good, mature and solid approach. I try to use/develop the Back-End on Nest.js + TypeORM when possible.
Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia, Mathematics & Mechanics faculty
Postgraduate (2005-2009) - St.Petersburg Department of Steklov Mathematical Institute RAS, laboratory of geometry. Working in the area of hyperbolic spaces and dimensional theory. Passed exams but left without achieving a PhD.
Graduate (2000-2005) - Qualified as a mathematician, studying in the laboratory of geometry.
Physical & mathematical school №239 (1996 - 2000).
Employment history
Eylean / TeamHood - Senior Front-End Developer (Feb. 2020 to date, Vilnius, LT)

We are creating agile project management software (, My part is the front-end based on vue/vuex/vuetify/typescript.

StarBright School - Front-End developer (Sep. 2017 to date, San Jose, USA, remote)

StarBright school management platform front-end development based on vue/vuex/vuetify/nuxt. It's a huge and comprehensive system with dozens of features that goals to cover all primary school needs. Some of them are: individual student schedule with full history, accounting (billing periods, discounts, multi charges, quick books sync, etc), drop off/pick up (with access control mobile application), staff schedules, work shifts, clock-ins and sign-outs, the health module (immunizations, documents, medical services), communications (multi-channel, gmail addon, mailing lists, sms, alerts), reports (everything in different combinations in pdf printable format), charts, stats, tags, form constructor (like jotforms, but fully integrated into the StarBright ecosystem). All the front-end created by me.

Raganeta / Upwork - Front-End / Full Stack Developer (Aug. 2008 to date, Vilnius, LT)

Raganeta is my private company in Lithuania that holds my own, cooperate projects and freelance activity. Usually, I work as a freelancer for 10-15 hours a week. I do it mostly to sharpen my skills, be in the stream, or relax writing the easy code.

Some projects are:

  • (Sep. 2019 - Aug. 2020) - agronomy irrigation management, leaflet/vue/vuetify;
  • (Aug. 2019 - Jul. 2020) - genetic tests, chartjs/node/nuxt/vuetify;
  • labori (Sep. 2019 - Apr. 2020, own) - cordova/vue/vuetify/pwa app for season job ads;
  • (Sep. 2019 - Dec. 2019) - education management: students, work plans, etc, laravel/vue/bootstrap;
  • (Apr. 2018 - Aug. 2018) - appointment management, nuxt/vuetify;
  • (Jan. 2018) - schedule, vue/bootstrap;
  • (Feb. 2018) - management tool, node/mongo/sequelize/react;
  • (Nov. 2016 - May 2017, own) - communication and management platform for kindergarten and primary school, cordova hybrid application, php/mysql/knockout/bootstrap;
  •,,,, etc.
ME-Design - Full Stack Developer (Oct. 2004 a kind of to date, Saint-Petersburg, RU, remote)

This is a small company created by my classmate. The company develops its own websites (e.g., Worked remotely since 2008 with a wide range of tasks from setting up debian/ubuntu servers from scratch and writing content grabbers up to managing advertising sales. We still have some servers, and our websites still work, but we do not develop them because it's not profitable anymore.

Exentriq Ltd - Meteor Developer (Mar. 2017 - Oct. 2017, Palermo, IT, remote)

Fullstack development of different business and communication tools for Exentriq platform like video chat, kanban/gantt boards, time tracker, etc. using meteor framework, blaze templates, rocketchat.

Needu - Front-End Developer (Apr. 2016 - Dec. 2016, Sydney, AU, remote)

Developing website based on ror, knockout.js, and ko-widget (that's my front-end engine on top of knockout and require.js). Developing complex nodejs/phantom-based web scrapping botnet with captcha solving and vpn/proxies support.

Airtribune - Front-End Developer (Nov. 2012 - Dec. 2015, Moscow, RU, remote)

Developing visualization of paragliding races for based on several map engines - google maps, google earth, leaflet, cesium, open web globe. Real-time races with 2min delay, keyframes technique for replays with various speed, several internal services like pilot's retrieve system.

Energostat - Front-End Developer (Jan. 2012 - Jan. 2013, Moscow, RU, remote)

Developing web interface for system using raphael.js, jquery, and native javascript.

iQueLab - PHP Developer (Aug. 2010 - Nov. 2010, Prague, CZ, remote)

Writing botnet grabbers for system with team.

Labori Cordova App - labori (Feb. 2020).

That's vue/vuex/vuetify/cordova spa front-end for season job ads website.

Social network and management platform for primary school - (May 2017).

That's my startup that provides better communication between parents and teachers with dozens of features. That's cordova app based on knockout.js and several own libraries with php+mysql back-end.

Classified job ads engine -, (Feb. 2016)

That's a huge classified ads site created from scratch. It took about six months to implement every feature I planned. MySQL db, own php engine, own front-end engine based on knockout and require.js, no-page-reload authentication, seo-friendly past it anywhere text system, mobile optimization, stickable and hideable column layout, etc.

Tajikistan classified ads - (Aug. 2017)

That's a classified ads site for the main ads catalog publisher in Tajikistan. It was created entirely on my own. It uses MySQL db, custom php engine and front-end engine based on knockout.js. It has a lot of features - multi-language support, sms validation, integration with payment providers, it supports different properties for different categories (eg. number of rooms in flats and build year in cars). There's a graph of categories with property inheritance, it's simple to maintain and add new property or subcategory. My duties also included server administration (replication, backups, cdns, etc).

Live tracking platform - (Nov. 2015)

That's a live tracking platform for paraglider competitions. I took care of the front-end part including website and race player built in 2d (google maps and leaflet) and 3d (cesium WebGL, google earth, openwebglobe) engines. Several non-public services (pilot retrieve, online timetables, reports services) also were implemented.

Just a website - (Mar. 2018)

A simple and small website that shows the power of nuxt page transitions, supported with node/sequelize back-end.

Local news site - (Apr. 2011)

That's the website for the largest Russian language weekly newspaper in LT, created by me in 2011 and hosted on my server.

Russian citizenship, long-term resident of Lithuania (EU), living in Lithuania for more than 10 years.
Vilnius, LT.
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